Wednesday, June 29, 2011 Cool and Fun Mobile Accessories

Enjoy cool iPhone and iPad accessories, amazing protective cases, speakers and the fun clingo mobile accessory, that will make their users stand out!, an international computer and gadget online shop offering only the finest services and products from the world best known brands, has cool accessories for customers’ iPhone and iPad.

Charge your Magic Mouse wirelessly with new and unique Magic Charger and don‘t worry about replaceable batteries! The Magic Charger from Mobee Technology is the world first inductive charger dedicated for the Apple Magic Mouse. Also a new cool accessory is the Clingo, with clingo accessory customers can bring their phone anywhere, whether in their their car, at the office, at home or wherever. This new cool accessory by Clingo gives users, fun mounting solutions for their mobile.

According to, “It’s pretty simple, really. Clingo holds your phone. It doesn’t matter if it is a BlackBerry, iPhone, Droid, Samsung, or whatever. Whether in your car, at the office, at home, or wherever - Clingo holds it...Any phone, Anywhere”.

Also users can enjoy the Cygnett colorful protective cases their iPhone or iPad, and protect their screen with a screen protector. And remember the stylish Prestigio cases for iPhone and iPod which give users style. Anyone who wants to stand out, they should have one of this amazing protective cases either for their iPhone or iPad.

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