Wednesday, June 29, 2011 Cool and Fun Mobile Accessories

Enjoy cool iPhone and iPad accessories, amazing protective cases, speakers and the fun clingo mobile accessory, that will make their users stand out!, an international computer and gadget online shop offering only the finest services and products from the world best known brands, has cool accessories for customers’ iPhone and iPad.

Charge your Magic Mouse wirelessly with new and unique Magic Charger and don‘t worry about replaceable batteries! The Magic Charger from Mobee Technology is the world first inductive charger dedicated for the Apple Magic Mouse. Also a new cool accessory is the Clingo, with clingo accessory customers can bring their phone anywhere, whether in their their car, at the office, at home or wherever. This new cool accessory by Clingo gives users, fun mounting solutions for their mobile.

According to, “It’s pretty simple, really. Clingo holds your phone. It doesn’t matter if it is a BlackBerry, iPhone, Droid, Samsung, or whatever. Whether in your car, at the office, at home, or wherever - Clingo holds it...Any phone, Anywhere”.

Also users can enjoy the Cygnett colorful protective cases their iPhone or iPad, and protect their screen with a screen protector. And remember the stylish Prestigio cases for iPhone and iPod which give users style. Anyone who wants to stand out, they should have one of this amazing protective cases either for their iPhone or iPad.

Mobile Accessories are now available from at

Tuesday, June 28, 2011 Introduces Mobee Magic Charger for Magic Mouse

Mobee Magic Charger is a smart addition to Magic Mouse that charges it wirelessly!, an international computer and gadget online shop offering only the finest products from the world best known brands, is to recieve the new and unique product – Mobee Magic Charger for Magic Mouse.

The name of the product speaks for itself, as the magic of this new device by Mobee Technologies happens as soon as the users place their Magic Mouse on top of the Magic Charger to charge wirelessly! Due to its inductive wireless technology, the charger and the mouse does not need to be physically connected. No need to worry about replaceable batteries, no need to take out and put back again rechargeable batteries which makes this cleaver device a cost-effective solution. Connected via USB port, the Magic Charger gives a full charge after 5 hours and lasts for 6 days which is very convenient when working in the office or travelling. In addition to an ultra slim, light and sleek design, the magic Charger is also eco-friendly as it is done from recyclable materials.

“A great idea that has been flawlessly executed, the Mobee Magic Charger enhances a Magic Mouse, and turns it into an inductive charging wireless device, without changing the look, feel, or function of the original. Our colleagues on Macworld UK tell us it’s one of the best Mac accessories they’ve seen all year.”

Other accessories for Apple products such as protective cases and docking stations, headphones and speakers, cables and more are available also from brands like Prestigio, Canyon, Clingo, Cygnett, Gear4, Innergie and others and can be found at PC and gadget online store.

Mobee Magic Charger is available now from for a retail price of 52EUR at

About is an international online shop offering a convenient and secure e-shopping for only the finest goods and services of the most famous brands as well as exclusives. Its product range encompasses IT-related products, consumer electronics and gadgets in all price categories to consumers and small businesses across EMEA region. belongs to and managed by Prestigio Plaza Ltd, a Cyprus based company, a part of Prestigio group.

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Wednesday, June 22, 2011 Supports Sport Enthusiasts With Canyon Sportsline

Canyon Sportsline offers personal fitness solutions with measurement features to monitor, understand and improve personal performance for a more efficient work out., an international computer and gadget online shop offering only the finest products from the world best known brands, presents Canyon Sportline for active and dynamic people who love sport.

The Canyon Sportsline portfolio includes two main sections - Navigation and Watches, featuring various digital measurement instruments to monitor, understand and improve personal performance for a more efficient work out. Use navigation devices for outdoor activities such as hiking, climbing and biking to forecast weather and display current conditions such as temperature, pressure, altitude and compass direction combined with pedometer and essential time functions like current time, daily alarm, chronograph, timer, pacer and dual time function. The sport watches are ideal for multifunctional fitness, exercising and jogging and help to stay fit yet stylish. Apart from the advanced clock functions, Canyon watches also measure the number of steps taken, the calories burned and the distance traveled. They also feature an integrated pulse and hearth rate sensor as well as an “Alert Zone” mode for a safe workout.

After several testing and reviews of Sportsline products, Canyon sums up: “All products gave good results and are said to be unique and stylish. They also were highly appreciated for their functionality, practicality and beautiful design.”

In addition, the Canyon Sportsline fitness solutions are shock, water and dust resistant, making them the perfect partners for any sport activities.

Canyon Sportsline is available now from for a retail price starting from 36EUR at

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Address: Prestigio Plaza Tower, 26, Academias Str., Germasogeia 4043, Limassol, Cyprus

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Limassol. PrestigioPlaza LTD is relocated to its new premises as from Monday 30th May 2011. The new offices and showroom are privately owned with more space for the store offering to its customers greater variety of products.

The new building is located exactly opposite Carrefour in Germasogeia area. The new address is as follows:

Prestigio Plaza Tower

26, Academias Str., 4043 Germasogeia

Limassol, Cyprus

Tel. Central Number: 70006011

We are very happy and excited about our new home. We are sure that our customers will find our new showroom spacious, modern and exciting, we commit once again to excellence, we will continue offering the best solutions for their needs always at the best prices. We look forward to welcoming everyone to our new showroom! said Lefkios Theodosiou, Managing Director.

Once again PrestigioPlaza LTD is looking forward to welcoming its friends and customers to its new premises!

To PrestigioPlaza is a local Cy shop and an international eshop offering best products in consumer electronics from the most well-known manufacturers in the market. The product portfolio PrestigioPlaza offers includes IT products and gadgets in all price categories to consumers and small businesses in Cyprus and Europe and the Middle East through the online store. is owned and managed by PrestigioPlaza Ltd, a Cypriot company, member of Prestigio group.

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New Dell Laptops Available Now!

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Monday, June 6, 2011 Latest News from Prestigio MultiPad Family, an international computer and gadget online shop offering only the finest services and products from the world best known brands, presents the latest news from Prestigio MultiPad family.

Enjoy Prestigio MultiPad and cappuccino at Press Café in Nicosia. Presse Café, Canada’s most popular cafés chains, has opened its first branch in Nicosia, Cyprus, as a part of the group’s international plan to extend their presence in the 50 largest cities of the world over the next year.

Presse Café – a place to breathe, eat and drink. A place to return to every morning, day, or night. By
oneself, with someone or as a group.”

The Presse Café Nicosia offers to the guests to use Prestigio MultiPad Internet Tablet PCs and a wireless Internet access – free of charge! What's more, at the Presse Café customers will find a Prestigio shop, where they can purchase stylish Prestigio gadgets and accessories.
AppsLib application marketplace for Android tablets is now available on PMP3084B. MultiPad
PMP3084B, the best-selling entry level Tablet PC from the Prestigio MultiPad family, is now compatible with AppsLib, an application marketplace for Android Tablets.

AppsLib is a great place where the users of Prestigio MultiPads have the best and the latest apps at their hand. It offers a very rich library of applications: more than 35,000 thousands of free app
s and about 3000 of paid apps with new developments added constantly.

What made Prestigio MultiPad PMP3084B so popular are numerous features, great quality and
affordable price. Also the device form factor 3:4 is considered to be the most convenient form-factor for the Tablet PC concept. A hint from to get the best of touch-screen use stylus.

Sleeves for MultiPads are coming soon. Prestigio is releasing sleeves specially designed for its MultiPads family. The use of precious materials, best craftsmanship, double-sided insertion and extra soft inner cloth will protect the device, provide long-lasting usage and add a stylish touch to your MultiPad.

Prestigio MultiPad sleeves will be available at in 2 weeks!

Prestigio MultiPad is now on YouTube. Watch videos on YouTube for Prestigio MultiPad PMP7070C and PMP7100C —the most advanced Internet Tablet PCs.

Prestigio MultiPad Internet Tablet PCs are available now from for a retail price starting from 179EUR.

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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

New model Prestigio GPS Navigator GeoVision 5500 - TMC Ready!

The GeoVision 5500TMC is the brand new innovation in the PND line-up by Prestigio. Latest design combined with high-end technology and the proven leading quality of Prestigio products. The new model offers besides outstanding navigation performance a full media player, eBookReader and various games – all under your control with the touch screen. The latest software iGO primo™ follows a intuitiveness and appealing visual design. The extended and advanced features are smartly separated from the main functions, so even inexperienced users will find basic navigation straightforward and easy to handle. High resolution 3D visualization, smart routes are just few out of many stunning features.
All Prestigio products come with 2 years warranty!!

Key Features:

  • Cyprus map is not included in this model - Greece map is included in this model!

  • True Colour TFT 5.0”-12.7cm display
  • Award-wining 3D navigation software iGO primo™
  • Super slim design – Only 10.5/12.5mm!
  • Light sensor for automatic brightness adjustment
  • Green Routing
  • Real route alternatives
  • User Speedcams
  • Country specific alert sign icons
  • Optionally collecting GPS and user interaction logs
  • High Resolution Terrain Visualization
  • Breadcrumb Trail (pedestrian mode when slow speed)
  • Smart Keyboard
  • Smart History
  • Picture Navigation
  • Additional Search Highlights
  • Time Sense • Lane Guidance and Real Signposts
  • 3D roads and landmarks
  • Voice turn-by-turn guidance
  • Intelligent zooming
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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Get Hearts with Every St. Valentines Gifts Purchase is happy to share its big heart with others by giving a heart-shaped digital present to its customers with every purchase of St. Valentine’s gifts, carefully selected for this special occasion., an international computer and gadget online shop offering only the finest services and products from the world best known and exclusive brands, gives heart-shaped digital presents with every purchase of St. Valentines gifts.

For the very special occasion of St. Valentine’s Day, has prepared a wide range of gift ideas for its customers and their beloved once. What is more, customers will also get a heart-shaped digital present from itself with every purchase of products from St. Valentines Gifts section.

It is in our aim to ensure that on this day, everyone will express their feelings and love with a smart and unique gift to make your lovers, friends and family members happy.” Team.

A selection of fine gifts for her includes golden USBs, glamorous hard drives, digital frames to keep best memories from this special day, unique cow miniatures painted with St. Valentine’s theme, pink and red Dell Mini laptops to match the romantic mood. Innovative eBook readers from Prestigio that can also play movies and show pictures, and newly released iPods will be a perfect gift for anyone to show their attention. Special gifts for him are stylish usb-pens, leather hard drives, popular Dell Streak, Prestigio GPS navigators to find a way to the heart or surprise him with a MacBook!

All St. Valentines gifts are available with a heart-shaped digital present from

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